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TRICO Wiper Products Releases Video: ‘The Worst Defensive Driving Class’


Buckle up, and prepare to witness the most absurd defensive driving class in history, according to TRICO. In an effort to drive home the importance of preemptive wiper maintenance, TRICO recently released a video featuring a quirky instructor and a classroom full of less-than-amused participants.


The video puts an interactive spin on the “dreaded” defensive driving class. Viewers watch an overly eager instructor put unwilling students through a series of absurd driving simulations involving a pudding truck, blindfolded obstacle courses and ridiculous role playing.

“The importance of regular wiper blade replacement for clear visibility in all weather conditions is a critical message to deliver to drivers,” said Kevin O’Dowd, vice president and chief marketing officer. “TRICO released this video to serve as an unconventional, entertaining reminder of this message.”

Preventative vehicle maintenance, such as yearly wiper blade replacement, is a key element of safety on the road. It is equally important for drivers to be informed about the products that they are installing on their vehicles. This unique video is part of a larger TRICO campaign that aims to place preventative maintenance top-of-mind.


In addition to the full-version video, TRICO compiled two shorter episodes highlighting some of the ludicrous interactions between the class instructor and his students: Watch out for that Pudding Truck and Driving Blind. You can watch the full video and clips here: YouTube Playlist. Be sure to also follow TRICO on Facebook and Twitter to catch short clips from the full video.

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