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Ignition Parts Trace Legacy To Yesterday’s Innovation (Video)

Ignition used to be a problem, but innovation intervened. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

More than 130 years ago, during the automotive industry’s infancy, Carl Benz – one of the key players in developing the reliable gasoline engine – called ignition “the problem of problems.” That was true until 1887 when Robert Bosch designed a groundbreaking ignition system, the magneto ignition system. With the further patenting of the Bosch High Voltage Ignition system and the simultaneous development of the accompanying spark plug in the early 1900s, reliable starts became the expectation for vehicle manufacturers and drivers around the world.

Today, the average vehicle powertrain consists of numerous components that can trace their legacy back to those early developments.

The components in a gasoline powertrain include spark plugs and ignition coils, of course, but also include fuel pumps and injectors, electronic throttle bodies and a wide assortment of sensors, including manifold pressure and Mass Air Flow sensors, knock sensors, cam and crankshaft position sensors, oxygen sensors and pressure and temperature sensors.

The diesel portfolio is equally diverse, from glow plugs, pumps, fuel rails and injectors to Urea tanks and dosing modules and other sensors as well.

From the creation of innovative ignition and fuel injection technology to inventive sensors for more efficient driving, the key to leadership in this complex aftermarket industry is an ability to build trust with Original Equipment – or OE – manufacturers by building products that meet OE requirements. Bosch has established this confidence by providing aftermarket parts that provide original form, fit and function of the original parts.

What does FUNCTION mean? In short it can be characterized by having 

OE PERFORMANCE – the part performs functionally as the original part did;

OE RELIABILITY – the part performs as well as the original part did, regardless of the conditions; and 

OE DURABILITY – the part lasts as long as the original part did.

Sounds comprehensive, right?

But with Bosch Powertrain Solutions, you get more than technology – you secure a consulting partner with industry expertise and an extensive array of services to help you optimize your shop operations. You’ll benefit from the eXtra Loyalty Program that rewards shops for buying products they need to drive their businesses; take reassurance in warranty coverage on all powertrain parts; and rely on OE specifications for complete repairs with no comebacks.

Whether you’re more interested in quality parts but don’t know what brand to choose, need to increase profit margins and save money or are interested in learning more about the technical features of today’s gas and diesel powertrain components, check out your Bosch powertrain solutions supplier. With more than a century of expertise serving hundreds of millions of vehicles in operation, you can be confident that your shop’s – and your customers’ – needs will be met.

This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

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