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The Right Oil Filters for Ultimate Protection

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FRAM® offers oil filter options to fit all driving habits.

Buying a new or used vehicle is usually based on consumer needs as well as personal preference. Some people need a reliable car for long commutes or daily driving, while others require a heavy-duty work truck for hauling or towing. Other folks prefer an SUV to take the family on road trips. But just like each type of vehicle serves a different purpose, choosing the right oil filter based on the specific vehicle and driving habits is crucial to engine protection. Not just any filter will do.

That’s why DIYers and professionals everywhere have long relied on FRAM® products to deliver superior protection for every vehicle on every road. To facilitate that trust, you can rely on FRAM Titanium™, FRAM Force™ and FRAM Drive™ oil filters, available at local Advance Auto Parts stores.

FRAM Titanium™ Oil Filter

FRAM Titanium™️, provides over 99% dirt trapping efficiency, allowing for peak engine performance between longer oil change intervals. This filter, featuring a metal screen-backed synthetic media, is engineered to work with synthetic oils to provide proven engine protection up to 20,000 miles. Titanum™ filters install quickly and easily with Total Grip™️, high-grit texture, and the Perfect Seal™ gasket extends the filter’s durability and temperature protection. Powerflow™️, a series of high-flow inlet holes, allow for higher controlled oil flow over the full media surface while ensuring optimal filtration.

FRAM Force™ Oil Filter

FRAM Force™️ is a superior oil filter for engines facing adverse road and weather conditions, high mileage/low speed situations or hauling and towing. Force™ filters work well with all oil types, and are equipped with synthetic blend media, delivering superior protection and performance for up to 15,000 miles. With the assistance of Total Grip™️ technology, installation and removal are made easy.

FRAM Drive™ Oil Filter

FRAM Drive™ oil filters provide the necessary engine protection and performance for drivers who use their vehicles for cruising around town, picking up the kids from school or taking short drives to work. Drive™ filters are compatible with all oil types, protecting engines for up to 7,500 miles.

FRAM® has a legacy that goes back decades delivering leading technology and innovations. FRAM® provides a full line of quality filtration products to keep clean oil flowing and protecting engines no matter the type of vehicle or driving habits. Explore the full offering of trusted filters at

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