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The Right Filter Recommendation Depends on Driving Habits

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Picking out a vehicle is more complex than just finding the right color and number of cupholders. Buyers need to make sure they take capabilities into account, on top of personal preference.

A vehicle should meet a buyer’s day-to-day needs, and specs can be the deciding factor between multiple options in the same category. For example, towing capacity and bed length can help in choosing a pickup truck.

Performance specs are also important to consider when selecting the right parts for maintenance. For oil filters, how a driver uses a vehicle can be more influential than the vehicle category. An SUV and a sedan that are both used for commuting and picking the kids up from school may require the same oil filter. This could also be said for a truck used for towing and a compact car that is constantly stuck in stop and go traffic.

Service techs and shop owners have oil changes down to a science, but we can help them stay up to date on the filtration options they have at their disposal. Different driving habits can call for different types of oil filters. Here is a look at two advanced filter products that have their own set of recommended uses.

Advanced Protection in Harsh Conditions

Extreme temperatures, hauling, towing and stop and go traffic all push vehicles to their limits, forcing engines to work harder.

When combined with potential fluctuations in oil pressure, the stress can have a vehicle overheating or even out-of-commission due to increased friction in the engine. FRAM Force™️, equipped with synthetic blend media, delivers protection and performance for up to 15,000 miles for engines facing these challenging conditions, and with Total Grip™️, installation and removal are made easy.

Synthetic Goes the Distance

Synthetic oil and synthetic blend media filters go together when drivers are looking for optimal service life. If a customer’s vehicle is mainly used for highway driving, road trips, or longer commutes, an advanced high-flow oil filter is the way to go when the change interval arrives.

One such option, FRAM Titanium™️, provides over 99% dirt trapping efficiency, allowing peak engine performance between longer synthetic oil change intervals. This filter, featuring metal screen-backed synthetic media, is engineered to provide proven engine protection up to 20,000 miles. It also features Total Grip™️, a Perfect Seal™ gasket and Powerflow™️, a series of high-flow inlet holes that allow for higher controlled oil flow over the full media surface while ensuring optimal filtration.

FRAM® not only provides the right oil filter for any type of driving, but also delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. Oil flow, engine air filtration and clean cabin air can all be protected with FRAM® filters.

The company has a legacy that goes back decades, but FRAM® is always working to stay ahead of the curve. This passion for protecting vehicles is what pushes filtration innovation for the road ahead. Explore the full product lineup at, and find FRAM Force™️ and Titanium™️ exclusively at Advance Auto Parts.

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