The Importance Of Wiper Blades (Video)

The Importance Of Wiper Blades (Video)

Never forget that wiper blades are one of the most important parts on a vehicle for driver safety. Sponsored by ANCO.


When it comes to inspecting and repairing vehicles today, there are three things which are critical to ensuring that the passengers will be safe. The driver needs to be able to see, stop, and steer. These three areas of vehicle safety are known as the three S’s, and we’re going to focus on the first one, seeing.

Wiper blades play an important role in this by keeping the windshield clear while driving. But much like an umbrella or a pair of sunglasses, your customer might not realize how badly they need them until they need them. Wiper blades are often neglected or forgotten since they’re not used every day. But if you’ve ever driven through heavy rain with a worn outset of wiper blades, then you know just how hard it is to see the road ahead of you.

It’s a good idea to inspect the wiper blades on your customer’s vehicle every time it’s in your shop. Spray the windshield washers on your way into the garage and take note of any streaking, chattering, or other symptoms of worn out blades. And of course, look for damaged or torn blades while they’re in motion. For SUVs, wagons, or hatchbacks.

Don’t forget about the rear wiper blade. These smaller blades can be forgotten or neglected, just like the front blades. Finally, it’s a good idea to clean the windshield underneath where the wiper blades park. This will prevent any built up dirt or contaminants from making the customer’s brand new wiper blades streak across the glass.

I’m Brian Sexton. Thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by ANCO

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