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Tech Tip: Oil Leak From Bell Housing/Torque Converter on Hyundai Models

Some transaxles may experience an oil leak in the bellhousing behind the torque converter. If this occurs, the oil leak will be observed at the drain hole on the lower surface of the transaxle.

Repair Diagnosis:
If you are servicing a vehicle with this condition, refer to the below table to determine the proper repair procedure:

Repair Procedure:
1. Remove the transaxle.

2. Remove the torque converter.

3. Use a suitable tool to remove the oil seal.

4. Apply a thin coat of ATF to the lip of the oil seal before installation. Use the special tool (09452-21200) to install the oil seal (P/N 46131-36002) to the oil pump housing.


Technical service bulletin courtesy of Mitchell 1.

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