Tech Tip: ‘Braking’ the Code on a Ford Hybrid – UnderhoodService

Tech Tip: ‘Braking’ the Code on a Ford Hybrid

The owner of a Ford Escape Hybrid or Mercury Mariner Hybrid may complain of an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). If you obtain the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) of U2062, the problem may originate in the brake system control module, part of the hydraulic control unit (HCU). Follow the steps in the Service Procedure to correct the condition.

By Ed Dorowski, ALLDATA Editor and Jeff Webster, ALLDATA Technical Writer.

Applicable Models
2005-2008 Ford Escape Hybrid
2006-2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Parts Information

W711254-S437M: Ground Stud
8M6Z-13N850-A: Harness Service Kit

Service Procedure
Diagnose and fix any other DTCs before performing the Service Procedure for DTC U2062. If the DTC U2062 is present alone or after diagnosing other DTCs, perform this Service Procedure.

1.Disconnect the battery ground cable, following factory and/or industry standard approved practices.

2. Locate the two grounds for the ABS controller using the wiring diagram. Grounds for 2005 to 2007 are G102 and G104. 2008 grounds are G109 and G110. The grounds are located on the right hand side frame rail under the hydraulic control unit (HCU).

3. Disconnect the grounds G102/G104 or G109/G110, clean the ground stud threads and contact surface. If the vehicle was built prior to October 2005, replace the two ground studs and nuts with the updated service parts.



4. Disconnect connector C1462, the 47 pin HCU connector and remove red plastic lock from inside the connector. 










5. Open the back cover of connector C1462 and locate the black ground wires in pin locations 16 and 47 (Figure 3). Remove pins 16 and 47 from connector C1462.  Remove tape from harness loom and cut the two ground circuits 1 inch into the harness loom. Tape the ends of the ground circuits and re-tape the harness loom into original position using vinyl tape or equivalent.

6. Using the ground wires provided in the jumper harness service kit, insert the pins into C1462 at pin locations 16 and 47. Tape the jumper harness service kit wires to the existing harness until you reach the ground locations G102/G104 or G109/G110. Install the red plastic pin terminal lock into C1462 and connect to the HCU.

7. Locate the existing ground eyelets for G102/G104 or G109/G110 that were removed in Step 3.

8. Cut the existing ground eyelets for G102/G104 or G109/G110 near the harness and tape exposed ends to the existing harness.

9. Route the ground jumper harness service kit eyelets to the ground studs on the HCU bracket and secure the grounds (Figure 4).

10. Connect the battery ground cable following factory and/or industry standard approved practices.

Ed Dorowski has 19 years of Domestic and Import dealership and independent shop experience as a service consultant, ASE Certified Master Technician, Nissan Certified Master Technician, & California Smog Test & Repair Technician. Jeff Webster has 20 years of experience as a writer/editor.

2009 ALLDATA LLC. All rights reserved. All technical information, images and specifications are from ALLDATA Repair.

Technical service bulletin courtesy of ALLDATA.

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