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Volvo Engine Service

There are many combinations for the Volvo modular engine.

UTI’s Automotive Program Outfitted With Volvo Vehicles

The new cars will support UTI’s hands-on training with Volvo’s advanced technologies.

History Of Air Power

The air spins up the exhaust turbine and increases boost on the compressor side. The tank pressurizes up to 175psi and has enough volume for two hard acceleration events.

Must-Read TPMS Technical Service Bulletins

Here’s a rundown of the top technical service bulletins related to TPMS. These TSBs should be analyzed by every technician that services TPMS. Audi TSB Number: 4413382034445/1 Models: 2010-’14 A4/S4, A5/S5 and Q5 Summary: This TSB addresses TPMS MIL lights that are not related to a loss of pressure. The TPMS light may illuminate if