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AISIN Aftermarket Launches Water Pump Timing Belt Kit Video

This video also celebrates a decade-plus partnership with top OE manufacturers.

VIDEO: What Is The Difference Between An OAP And An OAD?

Andrew Markel discusses vibration control alternator pulleys, and the differences between the two most common designs available on the market. Sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: Best Practices For Turbocharger Life

Doug Kaufman discusses some simple things your customers can do to ensure the longest life of their turbochargers. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Replace The Thermostat With Every Cooling System Job

Andrew Markel discusses the limited lifespan of thermostats, and how that makes it necessary to replace the thermostat as part of a cooling system task. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: How Modules Manage Alternator Power

Andrew Markel discusses power flow through the electrical system on a vehicle, and how the modules help provide the right amount of power to different components. Sponsored by Valeo.

VIDEO: Diagnosing The A/C Compressor Clutch

Andrew Markel discusses the clutch on the A/C compressor, and the signs to look for in your diagnostic to confirm its operation. Sponsored by Valeo.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Window Regulators Without Removing The Door Panel

Andrew Markel discusses the methods and tools you can use to diagnose window regulators before you remove the door panel. Sponsored by TrakMotive.

VIDEO: No-Start No-Crank On Vehicles With Transponder Keys

Doug Kaufman discusses no-start and no-crank issues on vehicles, and the different diagnostic processes and tools you can use to find the problem. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: Ignition Coil Circuit Testing

Doug Kaufman explains the proper diagnostic process for ignition coils in order to avoid swapping parts. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: Why Do Diesel Engines Need EGR?

Doug Kaufman discusses diesel engines and why even modern engines need an EGR system. Sponsored by Blue Streak.

VIDEO: What Does That Code Mean? Find Out Using A Service Information Database

Andrew Markel discusses cross-referencing and crowd-sourcing features of some service information databases, and how they can help you find out the causes and solutions for scan code information in the fastest way. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.

VIDEO: Using Replacement Intervals And Inspection To Sell Air Filters

Andrew Markel discusses how to use the qualities of OE quality air filters to sell them to customers. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.