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Aging Plastic Intake Components May Cause Leaks

BMW valve covers and intake manifolds made of plastic are susceptible to warpage and gasket failure.

ÜRO Parts Introduces Engine Valve Cover For Audi Q7 And Volkswagen CC, Passat And Touareg

Applications include 2007-2010 Audi Q7, 2012-2016 Volkswagen CC, 2008-2012 Passat, and 2007-2016 Touareg models.

Engine Gasket Guide: Are You Pairing The Gasket With The Correct Sealant And Surface?

There are endless combinations of engines, applications and gaskets on the market. But how do you match the gasket with the correct installation procedures? Here is a quick guide on how to match gaskets with the correct sealants and surface treatments.