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Road to AAPEX Season 2 Ep. 5

See how Babcox Media’s Joe Keene prepares the Lincoln Blackwood for the road.

Understanding the Role of Oil-Pressure Sensors in an Engine

If the oil-pressure sensor fails or becomes damaged, it can cause serious problems. Sponsored by United Motor Products.

High-Quality Ignition Coils (VIDEO)

There are 6 main components that go into making a high quality coil-on-plug coil. Sponsored by United Motor Products.

Mass Airflow Sensors (VIDEO)

Follow along as Joe unboxes the OEM replacement mass airflow sensor. This video is sponsored by United Motor Products.

United Motor Products Adds 12 New Sensor Categories

With the continued growth in the engine management space, UMP is adding product lines that help increase the margins and ROI of its customers.

United Motor Products Launches MAF Sensor Program

United’s unique program utilizes end of line pulse-width modulation (PWM) testing parameters. A printout is provided and included with each unit, showing the exact curve of that specific unit.

United Motor Products Celebrates 30 Years, Introduces 17 New Engine Management Product Lines

More than 4,000 new cataloged SKUs have been added and released to all major catalog providers.