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Don’t Fear The Turbo

The turbocharger gets a bad rap. So many technicians can name reasons why they have failed in the past, yet they can’t recall when or why a turbocharger has failed recently. With more and more vehicles employing a turbocharger to achieve power and fuel efficiency from a downsized engine, the importance of maintenance is more critical than ever.

Turbocharging: Managing Pressure In The PCV System

Crankcase vapors are routed through the positive crankcase valve (PCV). The PCV valve is a simple spring-loaded valve with a sliding pintle inside. The system allows the vapors to be siphoned into the engine using engine vacuum.

Gates Introduces New Turbocharger Steel Tube Kit

This kit covers 2003-’07 6.0 L Ford Super Duty Pickups (F250, F350, F450 and F550) as well as 2003-’05 Ford Excursions.

BMW Tech Tip: Poor Performance, Noise From Turbocharger

The customer complains of loss of performance and turbocharger noise. The turbocharger oil supply may be restricted, causing oil starvation and resulting in the seizing of the turbocharger assembly.