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Tech Tip: How A Turbocharger Can Be Damaged

A turbocharger is a complex unit with precisely matched components.

VIDEO: What Can Cause A Turbocharger To Lose Boost?

This video covers the external conditions that can cause this type of damage. Sponsored by TrakMotive.

When Good Turbos Go Bad

They are most vulnerable to lubrication-related issues (e.g., poor quality oil, not changing the oil often enough, dirty oil, low oil level or low oil pressure), but turbos can suffer other complications as well.

VIDEO: Determining Turbocharger Failures

When a turbocharger fails, your CSI skills must be put to work. Determining why it fails may be much more difficult than replacing it. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: How Turbocharger Efficiency Is Affected By Location

Today’s 4-cylinder engines can generate more torque and horsepower than yesterday’s V-6 engines and turbochargers have made a comeback. Their location under the hood will determine lifespan and efficiency. Doug Kaufman explains why the placement of the turbocharger is so important. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Turbo Cooling: The Real Reason Turbochargers Are Back

The biggest part of the problem was deposits formed when the engine was off and the turbo was heat soaked.

VIDEO: Understanding Variable Geometry Turbocharging Technology In Modern Engines

Doug Kaufman explains the concept of performance and efficiency of different engines. Sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Best Practices For Turbocharger Life

Doug Kaufman discusses some simple things your customers can do to ensure the longest life of their turbochargers. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Underhood Service Podcast: Turbocharger Tech Season 1, Episode 2

In this episode, we talk turbochargers and how they are changing maintenance, service, and diagnostics.

Hyundai Turbocharged Theta And Gamma Engines: Maintenance And Minimizing Damage

Hyundai has two four-cylinder engines that use a turbocharger. The Gamma and Theta turbocharged engines were introduced in 2010 for many Hyundai cars and trucks. These engines also have direct injection, which makes them even more efficient. Knowing the basics of how all turbocharged systems work can serve you well in solving problems with turbo-equipped Hyundais. A good scan tool that can graph boost pressure and a smoke machine can also improve diagnostic procedures.

VIDEO: Moisture Inside The Intercooler: Normal Or Abnormal?

Andrew Markel discusses how moisture can accumulate inside of the intercooler as the turbocharger operates, including normal and abnormal conditions. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Diagnosing Turbo Boost And Leak Problems

You are probably seeing more turbocharged four-cylinder engines at your shop. Domestic manufacturers like GM and Ford have powered a wide variety of cars and SUVs with small displacement turbo engines. Also, import manufacturers like BMW, Nissan and VW use turbos on base engines and high-performance engines.