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Belt-In-Oil Timing Systems

Oil contamination of the belt drive has been a death sentence, due to the rubber and fiber construction of the belt.

Toyota V6 Timing Belt Procedures 1MZ-FE and 3MZ-FE (VIDEO)

Service procedures are not suggestions. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Replace Parts Together (Video)

Replacing these parts together can save money in the long run. Sponsored by Carter.

Cloyes Increases VIO Coverage By 51 Million

The new timing-chain, timing-belt kits and components add 51 million VIO coverage and 507 million PIO coverage.

Locking Down The Engine For Timing Belt Replacement

The relationship between the cam and crank is a critical one. You might say they are heavily dependent on each other for their survival because any slip-up and their union ends in catastrophe. Locking down engines for timing service is a necessity anytime you remove the crank or cam pulley or have to replace the belt itself.