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SMP’s October Release Includes 276 New Numbers

Standard and Four Seasons continue to expand their programs for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Understanding Emissions

Modern EVAP systems are selective with how they vent vapors back into the engine. Sponsored by Standard.

Oil Filter Housing Kits 

It is common for the seals to fail and begin leaking oil around the base. This video is sponsored by Standard.

Ignition Coils

Some OE coils have design flaws. This video is sponsored by Standard.

VVT Systems (VIDEO)

It’s important to remember that VVT is a system, not a single component or a part. This video is sponsored by Standard.

Your Recommendations Matter To Customer Selection (VIDEO)

Your customers view you as the expert and are there, because they trust you. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

New API Gasoline Engine Oil Standards Coming on May 1

Creating new GF-6 motor oils involved collaboration and testing to protect engines.

Standard Motor Products Releases 500 New Parts For Standard And Intermotor

Significant additions made to the Standard and Intermotor lines include ABS speed sensors, accelerator pedal sensors and fuel vapor canisters. In total, the three category additions account for 210 parts and more than 60 million VIO. Another highlight is the addition of four diesel fuel injector sets that coincide with Standard Diesel’s ongoing “Do the Job Right” promotion.