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Snap-on Offers Heavy-Duty Die Grinders

Operating at 1 HP, each heavy-duty die grinder features a thermally balanced air motor that efficiently cools internal components while operating at 23,000 RPM for maximum performance and stall torque.

Snap-on Introduces Flex-Head Ratchet

The 1/4-inch Drive Speeder Handle Flex-Head Ratchet (TSLF72) features a flexible head that provides better access in tight automotive applications.

Snap-on Introduces Heavy-Duty Automatic Parts Washer

The washer can accommodate a load capacity up to 1,000 lbs., and its cycle time can be adjusted from zero to 60 minutes.

Snap-on Introduces 7-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set

The wrenches’ patented 80-tooth ratcheting mechanism delivers up to 25 percent more torque while providing up to 95 percent more cycle life.

Snap-on Battery Service Tools Equip Technicians For Winter Car Care

While preventive maintenance is important year-round, winter weather can be especially challenging for a vehicle’s electrical system. Battery life can weaken in the cold, leading to alternator problems and other starting issues.

Snap-on Spring Punch Set Eliminates Need For Hammer

Snap-on’s SPHDSET4 four-piece Heavy-Duty Spring Punch Set utilizes a patented spring and plunger combination, eliminating the need for a hammer and reducing the risk of injury.

Snap-on Shop Cart Innovations Bring New Dimension To Keeping Tools Organized

Innovative Snap-on and Blue-Point shop carts equip today’s tech with the convenience, organization, power and storage capacity for busy days in the shop.

Snap-on Roll Cab Series Includes 2 New Color Options

Snap-on KERP682AO 68 in. 12-Drawer EPIQ Series Roll Cabs and KMP1022 54 in. 11-Drawer Masters Series Roll Cabs are now available in new matte green and matte orange color options. All feature a customizable SpeeDrawer for organizing loose fasteners, parts and tools and the PowerDrawer, a dedicated drawer for charging power tool batteries and handheld devices.

Snap-on Digital Borescope Reaches Hidden Spaces

Snap-on’s 36-inch scope reaches into hidden spaces and records video or captures still images, while dual-imager lenses offer straight-ahead or 90-degree angle shots.

Snap-on Introduces Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite

When connected to Wi-Fi, every image captured with the Diagnostic Thermal Imager Elite is automatically uploaded to the cloud via Snap-on’s new Wi-Fi sharing service,

Snap-on Introduces Polartek Dual A/C Machine

Combining the work of two machines into one powerful tool for recovering, recycling and recharging vehicle A/C systems, Snap-on introduces its new EEAC334 Polartek Dual A/C Machine. The unit handles both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants, with dedicated 30-lb. refillable tanks for each, so there is no risk of cross-contamination and no need to change tanks when switching between the two fluids, said the company.

Snap-on Introduces Dodge/Chrysler Valve Spring Compressor

The VST1435 quickly and easily compresses the valve spring to remove the loosened keepers with a magnet which reduces valve spring service time from days to hours, said the company.