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Compressor Oil for R1234yf

Working on R-1234yf systems is not that different from the R-134a variety.

Fuel Pumps and Cranking

Diagnosing the problem comes down to understanding what causes a loss of fuel pressure.

AC Condensers

The characteristics that make the parallel-flow condenser so efficient are among its major drawbacks as well.

Spark Plug Fouling

Understanding why spark plugs get dirty.

Diagnosing Intercooler Boost Trouble Code P0299

The criteria for setting the code is very basic.

It Worked Before I Brought It In

These words can drive any repair facility crazy.

Listen Better to Improve Repair Shop Diagnostic Skills

Great service advisors focus 100% on the customer’s complaint and ask “when” and “where” questions.

Can Saying ‘No’ Be The Secret to Success? (S.O.S. Podcast)

Sometimes NOT taking a job may be the best thing for your business. This podcast is sponsored by Shop Boss.

VIDEO: Inspecting The Serpentine Belt

Replacing the belt rarely stops the noise on its own. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.