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Diagnosing Intercooler Boost Trouble Code P0299

The criteria for setting the code is very basic.

Compressor Oil for R1234yf

Working on R-1234yf systems is not that different from the R-134a variety.

Fuel Pumps and Cranking

Diagnosing the problem comes down to understanding what causes a loss of fuel pressure.

AC Condensers

The characteristics that make the parallel-flow condenser so efficient are among its major drawbacks as well.

Spark Plug Fouling

Understanding why spark plugs get dirty.

It Worked Before I Brought It In

These words can drive any repair facility crazy.

Listen Better to Improve Repair Shop Diagnostic Skills

Great service advisors focus 100% on the customer’s complaint and ask “when” and “where” questions.

Can Saying ‘No’ Be The Secret to Success? (S.O.S. Podcast)

Sometimes NOT taking a job may be the best thing for your business. This podcast is sponsored by Shop Boss.

VIDEO: Inspecting The Serpentine Belt

Replacing the belt rarely stops the noise on its own. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.