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Dayco Expands H-D Belt Kit Line

Dayco says six new SKUs cover hundreds of thousands of Class 8 fleet vehicles on the road today.

Serpentine Drive Belt Kit Unboxing (Video)

Most cars today have a single belt drive system that runs all the important accessories. Sponsored by Continental.

Serpentine Belt Post Mortem: Why Do Some Belts Fail

It doesn’t matter if it is a v-belt, serpentine belt or stretch belt, all belts need friction to operate.

Tool Up For Belts

Here are six tools to make your next belt replacement more productive.

What To Inspect Before Replacing The Serpentine Belt (VIDEO)

Friction between the belt and pulleys wears away at the belt. This video is sponsored by the Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: Inspecting The Serpentine Belt

Replacing the belt rarely stops the noise on its own. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Getting The Longest Life From Serpentine Belts

The serpentine drive belt system is actually made up of a set of sub-systems, designed to work in concert with one another.

Understanding Stretch-Fit Belt Applications

Stretch belts can last 100,000 miles or more depending on the vehicle’s environment and where it is mounted.

VIDEO: Five Serpentine Belt Inspection Tips

Andrew Markel discusses five helpful tips to help a serpentine belt diagnostics go smoother. Sponsored by Continental.

10 Tips For Serpentine Belt System Inspection And Service

The serpentine belt is part of a system and is not the only component susceptible to wear. The tensioner, idler pulley and, on some vehicles, the decoupler pulley all wear over time and need periodic inspection and replacement. If you are replacing just the belt without looking at the other components, you could be sending a new belt to a premature death.

The Second Belt: Getting The Replacement To Last As Long As The Original

Selling a replacement serpentine belt at 90,000 or 100,000 miles is easy. But, making that new belt go the same distance as the original can be more difficult. With zero miles on an odometer, the belt is operating in the best possible environment. The plane of the belt pulleys is properly aligned and there are no leaks. And, the tensioner is new and the spring and dampening elements are not worn out.

VIDEO: Making Belt Replacement Easier

Andrew Markel discusses serpentine belt replacement, and a few tips to make the next belt replacement job easier. Sponsored by Dayco.