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VIDEO: Common Places For Oil Leaks

Andrew Markel discusses common areas where oil may leak, and chemical solutions for stopping them. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

VIDEO: Different Instructions For Different Sealants

Andrew Markel discusses the variety of sealants for vehicles, and how it is important to follow the directions on each, as they have different applications. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

Engine Gasket Guide: Are You Pairing The Gasket With The Correct Sealant And Surface?

There are endless combinations of engines, applications and gaskets on the market. But how do you match the gasket with the correct installation procedures? Here is a quick guide on how to match gaskets with the correct sealants and surface treatments.

Non-Invasive Methods To Remove Gaskets And Clean Surfaces

When removing old gaskets, there are two things to avoid. First, you want to avoid any of the material from entering the engine. Second, you do not want to damage the sealing surfaces. On modern engines with aluminum castings, a metal scrapper can do a lot of damage.

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Porosity Issues And Engine Gaskets

Porosity refers to any void or hole found in a casting. These voids can be caused by gases and contaminates present during the casting process and typically occur near the outer parts or at the top of a casting. Honda, GM, Chrysler and other OEMs have all had issues with the porosity of some castings.

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Gasket Guide: Match A Sealant With Every Type of Gasket

Cork/Composite Gaskets Sealants: Cork and composite gaskets can seal a variety of underhood applications from valve covers to carburetors. The type of sealant used with these gaskets depends on a variety of factors. First, you must consider if the gasket needs to remain flexible. Second, you need to consider the temperatures the sealant will have

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