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Schumacher 12V 2,000 Peak Amp Jump Starter and DC Power Source

This jump starter provides up to 2,000 peak amps, 500 cranking amps and 325 cold cranking amps for 12V batteries.

Schumacher Introduces DSR139, DSR140 Proseries Chargers

Both chargers feature manual timers that let you stay in control.

Schumacher Electric To Showcase New Products At AAPEX

Schumacher Electric will feature new products at AAPEX including the SL1404 Portable Power Generator.

Schumacher Electric 360˚ Slim Inspection Lamp Offers Full Range Swivel, Tilt

Schumacher Electric’s 360° Slim Inspection Lamp and magnetic torch sits on a unique ball joint that allows for full range, swivel and tilt to aim the dimmable light where it is needed.

Schumacher Electric Releases Fully Automatic 8-Bank Charging Station

Schumacher Electric’s DSR127 ProSeries 8-Bank Charging Station can charge up to eight 6V and 12V batteries simultaneously.

Perform Battery And System Tests Wirelessly From Your Smartphone Or Tablet With Schumacher Electric’s Schulink

The SBT1 Wireless 6V/12V Battery and 12V/24V System Tester from Schumacher Electric tests 6V and 12V automotive batteries (SS EFB and AGM included) and 12V/24V charging/starting systems.