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Schumacher 12V 2,000 Peak Amp Jump Starter and DC Power Source

This jump starter provides up to 2,000 peak amps, 500 cranking amps and 325 cold cranking amps for 12V batteries.

Schumacher Introduces DSR139, DSR140 Proseries Chargers

Both chargers feature manual timers that let you stay in control.

Schumacher Electric Releases 1200 Lumen Floor Lamp With Lithium Ion Replaceable Battery

The SL879U can provide up to 1200 lumens to light up any work area. The rechargeable 7.4V 4Ah lithium ion battery is replaceable and available through Schumacher.

Schumacher Electric Introduces ProSeries 4-Bank Charging Station

Using the DSR125 Pro Series 4-Bank Charging Station, users can charge up to four 6V and 12V batteries simultaneously.

Schumacher Electric Releases New Line Of Battery Chargers

These new models provide a flexibility in options as well as use, from the SC1299, an 800mAh amp maintainer with a quick connect, to the SC1300, a 1.5 amp on-board maintainer. There are also 15 amp chargers, such as the SC1359 or SC1323. For those in need of a built-in starter, options include the SC1306, an 80/12/2 amp starter/charger and the SC1308, a 100/30/12/2 amp starter/charger.