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CAN Bus Communications

There are three types of bus configurations that you will come in contact with — loop, star and a hybrid of both.

Programming Options

Let’s help keep the code secure and your sanity intact.

Fuel Trims

To gain a better perspective on fuel trims, think about how “analog” vehicles dealt with changing fuel and air mixtures.

High-Pressure GDI Fuel Pumps

When solving a fuel pump issue, the scan tool is your best friend.

Cooling System Leak Testing

What replaces the conventional water pump and thermostat is electronic thermostats and electric water pumps.

How To Diagnose Slow or Sluggish Oxygen Sensors

When oxygen sensors are tested, manufacturers will introduce small amounts of oil to measure sensitivity.

VIDEO: What Does That Code Mean? Find Out Using A Service Information Database

Andrew Markel discusses cross-referencing and crowd-sourcing features of some service information databases, and how they can help you find out the causes and solutions for scan code information in the fastest way. Sponsored by ProDemand from Mitchell1.