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Video: Fuel Injectors And Droplet Size

Fuel injectors must maintain consistent droplet size for proper engine operation. This video is sponsored by Rislone.

Rislone Oil Additive Improves Engine Performance

Help customers restore horsepower and improve engine performance with an affordable solution.

2 Car Additive Brands Combine Into Rislone Hy-per Premium Performance Products

The new Rislone Hy-per family will include all the current Hy-per Lube motor oil, fuel system and cooling system additives, as well as several related products from the Rislone lineup.

Bar’s Leaks, Rislone And Hy-per Lube Rewards Program Encourages Customers To Buy New Products

The brands’ joint national Auto Care Rewards program lets customers take advantage of current rebate offers, as well as track earned rewards and enter available sweepstakes.

Bar’s Leaks, Rislone And Hy-Per Lube Team Up At SEMA And AAPEX 2017

Stop by Bar’s Leaks/Rislone booths at AAPEX 2017 and at the SEMA Show to see all of the latest premium products offered by the newly expanded team of automotive repair and performance chemicals – Bar’s Leaks, Rislone and Hy-Per Lube.

National Bar’s Leaks And Rislone Offer Rewards Program To Drive Sales

Customers can find current reward offers, file for rebates, track their rewards and more at the central Rewards Center online at autocarerewards.com.

Rislone Introduces Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive

The additive is designed to work with all viscosity grades of motor oil, improving engine performance and life due to increased lubricity in the oil.

Mad Scientists, Monster Trucks And New Products To Be Featured At Bar’s Leaks And Rislone SEMA Display

Visit with Rislone Defender monster truck driver Zach Adams at the show in booth No. 30313.

Rislone To Unveil Next Generation Of Nanotechnology Performance Chemical Additives At AAPEX 2016

Bar’s Leaks and Rislone also will reveal their 2017 sweepstakes promotion at the event.

Rislone Introduces 3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement With Zinc Treatment For Older Vehicles

As the average age of today’s vehicles get older, many standard motor oils can no longer provide enough meta protection, according to Rislone.

Bar’s Leaks And Rislone Continue Monster Truck Sponsorships For 9th Year

The stop-leak brand says its monster truck sponsorship is a fun, positive way to educate consumers about chemical repair solutions.

Bar’s Leaks And Rislone Introduce 2 New Microsites For Customers

The microsites walk users through identifying the issues they are having with their vehicles in plain language. A diagnostic database then makes specific product recommendations based on that information. Depending on the issue, the site may provide a single recommendation or a choice of “good, better and best” solutions.