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Maximize your diagnostics with readiness monitors.

ASE Undercar X1 Specialist Certification: Not What You Would Expect

Are you one of the 7,570 technicians who are ASE-Certified Undercar Specialists? If not, you should be. I recently took the X1 Exhaust Test to qualify as an Undercar Specialist. To gain this certification you must be concurrently certified for Suspension & Steering (A4) and Brakes (A5) from the Automobile & Light Truck Test Series, and Exhaust Systems (X1) from the Specialty Test Series.

Tech Tip: Kia MIL Illumination with Front Heated O2 Sensor DTCS

If a 2004-’06 Spectra 2.0L exhibits an MIL on

New Emissions Technology: Fuel Economy, Global Warming & Alternative Fuels

We can expect to see more innovations designed to improve fuel economy and/or eliminate our dependence on oil altogether, says Technical

Catalytic Converter Tech Feature: Diagnosing P0420 or P0430 DTCs

Although modern OBD II technology has simplified catalytic converter diagnostics, it’s still important to understand the basics of catalytic converter operation when dealing with a P0420 or P0430 DTC. Gary Goms explores the basics of catalytic converter chemistry and summarizes how common converter failures can be diagnosed.

EGR Issues: Dealing with P0401 Codes

ht=”245″ alt=”” align=”right” /> As emission controls got tighter, and with the advent of OBD II, things started to change. We not only saw additional driveability complaints, but we also had the check engine light (CEL) telling the customer there was an emissions failure that had to be dealt with for the good of the

2006 Underhood Service Repair Market Industry Profile

Welcome to the 2006 Underhood Service Repair Market Industry Profile, our in-depth report of the independent automotive repair market. This profile highlights many of the elements of doing business in today’s repair shops. The information presented is a good indicator to make short-term predictions about these shops. It’s also a fair yardstick to see how