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The Importance of Changing Cabin Air Filters for the Winter

Keep the air in the cabin clean and the warm air flowing freely. When it comes to performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle, filtration is a great place to start. At first, you may think about performing regular oil changes, along with replacing engine oil and air filters. Another component that protects critical spaces –

VIDEO: Five Ways To Sell Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Spark Plug Replacement Problems And Preventive Measures

When fine-wire spark plugs were first introduced, many broken electrodes were reported because of incorrect gap tools.

The Importance Of Personal Preventive Maintenance

After decades of being behind the service counter, as well as under the hood, I do get a bit frustrated that people won’t do any preventive maintenance, or neglect to tell me about an intermittent problem they’ve had forever because they feel it has nothing to do with the problem for which they brought their vehicle into the shop.

Winter Maintenance Tips From Some of America’s Coldest Cities

Staying on top of your inspections is important, but there are some parts of the U.S. where winter maintenance takes on a new level of importance.

Purolator Filters Pranks Real Customers In Hidden Camera Automotive Repair Shop Stunt

Have you ever been informed by a mechanic that an oven mitt was found in your engine? Or your blinker fluid needed to be changed? Chances are … you haven’t. However, a few unsuspecting customers at an automotive repair shop, based in Buffalo, New York, can’t say the same.