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Personal Preventive Maintenance: Don’t Let Work Get In The Way Of Life

Vehicle owners that have neglected to take care of their cars with standard preventive maintenance are far too common in our line of work. After decades of being behind the service counter, as well as under the hood, I do get a bit frustrated that people won’t do any preventive maintenance, or neglect to tell me about an intermittent problem they’ve had forever because they feel it has nothing to do with the problem they brought their vehicle in for.

GOJO Launches GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner

GOJO Industries recently announced the launch of its new GOJO ECOPREFERRED Pumice Hand Cleaner, the first green certified product in the GOJO Tough Soils portfolio. The innovative pumice hand cleaner quickly and effectively cleans medium to heavy soils and conditions hardworking hands.

Torch Wear Introduces World’s First Machine-Washable Welding Coat

Unlike traditional welding coats, the Utility II coat does not require dry cleaning. Its innovative protective fabric treatment is bonded to the fibers and cannot be washed out. It provides comfortable, all-weather performance and can be worn to work as a raincoat.

SAS Safety Introduces Gloggles to Company’s Catalog of Products

With three lens color options, Gloggles demonstrate the ease of switching from glasses to goggles with a simple push, pull and snap.