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Toyota Tech Feature: Diagnosing Today’s Complex Electronics Systems

Find out the latest innovations in scan tool technology, and what your scan tool should be doing for you.

Purolator Kicks Off Multi-Million Dollar Consumer Advertising Campaign

Purolator has introduced a new consumer advertising and promotional campaign designed to build awareness and demand for its automotive filtration products. The campaign which recently rolled out is based on a new tag line; “Keep It Pure” and includes television, radio, print, and on-line advertising. It is designed to generate over half a billion consumer impressions in the first year of the program.

Porsche Engine Diagnostics: Misfire Codes, Fuel Trim Faults, Secondary Air Injection

Porsche has been building engines for decades that will literally fit in a suitcase, but are still able to put out horsepower that rivals many larger engines. Find out how to keep the Porsche Boxster engine running smoothly.

Purolator Oil and Air Filters Become ‘Classic’

Purolator, the inventor of the oil filter in 1923, has announced that its standard line of Purolator oil and air filters will now be marketed as Purolator Classic. This branding will be added to packaging, sales and marketing brochures, website and other Purolator promotional materials.

Purolator Announces Online Summer Rebate Program

To celebrate the onset of the summer driving season, Purolator Filters has introduced the new “Keep It Pure Savings Celebration” – a rebate program available exclusively through the Purolator website via a downloadable mail-in rebate form.

Breathe Easier with Fresh Cabin Air Filters in Your Car

If you are driving a vehicle with cabin air filters you are in luck, especially if you reside in a metropolitan area where air pollution levels are high or if you suffer from a respiratory condition such as asthma or seasonal allergies. Cabin air filters capture potentially harmful particulates so they are not recycled into the passenger compartment and compromise the driving comfort of the people in the vehicle.

FRAM Brand Launches Industry-First Engine Protection Rating System for its Oil Filters

The FRAM team has unveiled a system to help consumers determine which of its oil filters to choose based on a new engine protection rating system. Damaging dirt and particles can threaten the life of an engine. Therefore, it’s important that motorists understand the additional protection they can get with a premium oil filter.

New Catalog for Purolator PureONE Oil and Air Filters Adds 89 New Product Applications for 2009 Model Year

Purolator Filters NA LLC has published its 2009 automotive filter catalog (PUCT 609) with expanded coverage for Purolator PureONE premium-grade oil and air filters for domestic and import passenger cars, light trucks and vans for 1975 to 2009 model years.

Purolator Leads Industry with Most Current Automotive Aftermarket Catalog Updates

In order to provide its customers with the automotive aftermarket industry’s most up-do-date filter catalog listings, Purolator Filters updates its electronic databases every working day. This puts Purolator at the forefront of the automotive filter industry, and provides repair shops, auto parts stores, and DIYers with the very latest in application data, so that no customer misses a sale or purchase due to incomplete listings.

Tech Feature: ‘Exploring’ Ford 4.0/4.6L SUV Engines

Since 2002, the Ford Explorer and Mecury Mountaineer have undergone a number of noticeable engine changes. Glen Beanard reveals which engines offer newer features and offers tips on how to handle service and repair challenges with these vehicles.

New Purolator Website is a Virtual Encyclopedia on Automotive Filters

Purolator Filters has launched a fresh new website designed to provide nearly every kind of filter information to do-it-yourself customers as well as automotive professionals. From an easy-to-use Application Guide to help identify the correct part number, to specs and a product image for virtually every filter offered by Purolator, the new site is designed for easy navigation ….

PCV Service: Helping an Engine Catch Its Breath

I’m certain that each and every one of you have, at some time in your life, experienced the horrific event of having the wind knocked out of you. If you can remember back to the first time it ever happened, before you knew that you would, in fact, breathe again, it was like you were