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GM Tech Tip: Crankshaft Rear Main Oil Seal Leaks in Some 60-degree V6 GM Engines

Some GM owners may complain about external oil leaks from these engines. Before replacing the new design rear main oil seal, be sure the PCV system is operating correctly.

Tool Tip: 10 Diagnostic Tests for Smoke Machines Besides EVAP

A smoke machine may seem like an expensive piece of equipment if it is just used for testing EVAP systems. But, if you factor in other diagnostic tests it can perform, it is a worthwhile investment.

PCV System: Sometimes Things Just Have to ‘Suck’ to Be Right

OK, it may be a stretch, but when you have a PCV system that is not working properly, you have an engine that can no longer breathe properly.

Volvo: Pulling the Plug on Plugged Oil Traps

We learned our lesson years ago. Before you fix any oil leaks, make sure there isn’t excessive crankcase pressure. Many of the vehicles we work on have crankcase breather systems that are much more involved than a plain PCV valve. A few years back, we looked at the Volvo 850 system, saw how it worked and what happens when it doesn’t. The newer cars with their extended oil change intervals seem to be just as prone to clogged breather assemblies as the older cars, and it’s even more so the case on the turbocharged cars.

TechTip: Engine Compartment Squeak Under Light Throttle Tip-in

This bulletin involves replacing the PCV hose to prevent interference with the bottom of the wiper module.

Purolator Announces its Garage-A-Thon Promotion – Eight Weeks of Daily Prizes and a Chance to Win a Beautiful, Restored 1968 Ford Mustang

When it’s all over, one lucky person will win a beautiful, restored 1968 Ford Mustang V8 and bragging rights to a garage that will be the envy of the neighborhood – both online and off. That is, if one enters Purolator’s Garage-A-Thon promotion which kicked off August 29, 2011.

The DeLorean – Back From the Past Part II

This article explores performance modifications that have been developed for the DeLorean from the time of its release to the present day. Although anything is possible, performance modifications over the past 30 years have focused primarily on the areas of engine modification (or replacement), and suspension modifications. I won’t be getting into time travel modifications – those are beyond the scope of this article.

Tech Feature: Common Rail Systems May Soon Be Commonplace

Due to the conflict between consumer performance demands and more stringent EPA standards, the use of

Tech Feature: Family Ties – Servicing Chrysler’s Versatile 3.3L and 3.8L Engines

First introduced as a family back in 1990, these engines have been upgraded and improved to provide good torque for the necessary applications, reasonable fuel economy and a reputation for durability and appropriate performance.

Purolator’s 2011 Filter Rebate Programs Put Money Back in Motorists’ Pockets

Purolator is offering four new promotional rebates that are designed to keep money in your pocket. What’s more, these rebates are available individually for oil, air, as well as cabin air filters making it easier to choose the filter you need.

New Website for Group 7 by Purolator Provides Comprehensive Information in Easy-to-Use Format

A newly released website for Group 7 by Purolator filters offers a full range of product, technical and consumer information for repair shops, WDs and Jobbers. The new website being introduced by Group 7 by Purolator provides comprehensive details on engine oil, air and fuel filters as well as cabin air filters.

Diagostic Dilemmas: Lost in ‘The Diagnostic Woods’

This real-world case study of a 2002 Chevy S-10 pickup, a 1995 Buick and a 1995 Lincoln Town Car illustrates why “chasing” trouble codes can get you lost in the Diagnostic Woods.