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Do Oxygen Sensors Generate Electricity?

They are made of zirconium oxide, a chemical compound used to form the sensor’s thermal-driven electrochemical fuel cell.

Oxygen Sensor Questions Answered

If an O2 sensor is not reading properly or is borderline, it should be replaced regardless of its age or mileage.

Tech Minute: What Is Oxygen Sensor Switching?

In this Tech Minute, sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper, editor Andrew Markel discusses oxygen sensors and fuel injection engines.

VIDEO: Oxygen Sensor Operation Modes

Andrew Markel explains the difference between closed and open loop operations, and which is more efficient. Sponsored by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

VIDEO: Thimbal And Planar Oxygen Sensors

Andrew Markel goes over the composition of two types of oxygen sensors with a brief history into each. Sponsored by Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

VIDEO: Nissan Maxima Mass Air Flow Sensor Codes

Andrew Markel explains how a mass air flow code and an oxygen sensor code on a Nissan Maxima can be solved with one simple check. Sponsored by Nissan.

VIDEO: Slow Or Lazy Oxygen Sensor Maintenance

Andrew Markel explains how coolant leaks and oil consumption can lead to a slow, lazy or dead oxygen sensor. Sponsored by Robert Bosch.

Diagnosing Catalytic Converter Failure Symptoms

Although construction can vary according to engine application, the common three-way catalytic converter contains a reduction and oxidation stage. To create maximum surface area, each stage is generally a ­ceramic or stainless steel honeycomb substrate covered with a rough silica and alumina wash coat. Both stages of the converter are coated with precious metal catalysts

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Making Money with Mode $06

Nothing is more frustrating than “fixing” a customer’s vehicle and then have it come back a few days or weeks later with the check engine light on and the same fault code or a new fault code. You look bad, lose your customer’s confidence in your ability to fix their vehicle, and in states that

Mode 06 diagnostics
Using oxygen sensors to identify emissions efficiency

The ASE X1 Certification Test has a section (8 questions) focused on emissions system diagnosis. For that section, among other things, you will need to: • Identify failed catalytic converter(s); determine cause of failure; determine needed repair. • Identify failed oxygen sensor(s) (O2S/HO2S) component(s) and circuitry; determine cause of failure; determine needed repair. • Inspect

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