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Parts and Artificial Intelligence

In the past 25 years, things have changed with the Internet.

Electrifying The Next Generation of Techs

The future is bright and exciting for vehicle repair.

Why Are Cars So Expensive to Fix?

A combination of everything people require makes vehicle repairs so expensive.

Should You Install Customer-Supplied Parts?

Sometimes customers want to believe you’re just out to get them, but there are legitimate reasons behind refusing.

‘CARBAGE’ Options

There are two types of carbage. The first is called the ‘collector’ and the second is called a ‘dumpster’.

Lessons Learned by Being Back – The Last Word

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

What’s Your Two-Year Plan?

After two years, our industry finally had its homecoming.

Replacement Parts Quality – Better Than Ever

Despite what some people may believe, high-quality replacement parts are more common than ever.

Industry Says Goodbye To Bob Greenwood – Editorial

The Last Word, Doug Kaufman’s monthly editorial, pays tribute to a dedicated industry leader.

The Chip Shortage and The Aftermarket

Drive by any new car lot and the evidence is clear – the auto industry may be the most visible victim of chip shortages.

How Much Does The Other Guy Make?

The National Labor Relations Act protects an employee’s rights to talk about his – and others’ – paycheck.

Podcast: One On One With Johnny G’s GOAT

Larry Morgan shares how he’s created multi-billon dollar businesses in the tire and new car industry.