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Correctly Installing Cartridge Oil Filters (Video)

Each cartridge oil filter is a little different and installing them properly is important. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

Stubborn Oil Pressure Light (Video)

The light could be due to a problem you didn’t realize was there. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

The Right Oil Filters for Ultimate Protection

FRAM® offers oil filter options to fit all driving habits. Buying a new or used vehicle is usually based on consumer needs as well as personal preference. Some people need a reliable car for long commutes or daily driving, while others require a heavy-duty work truck for hauling or towing. Other folks prefer an SUV

The Right Oil Filter for Every Need

You may wonder what is the biggest threat to your engine? The answer is tiny – even microscopic – particles. If not properly filtered, these particles can accumulate inside the engine, potentially causing significant damage to its internal components. In time, this disruption can lead to complete engine failure. That’s why when it comes to

Direct Injection and Turbochargers

Making more power with less displacement puts additional stress on the engine.

Fluid Maintenance Still Vital To Hybrids And Shop Success

Like conventional vehicles, hybrids still use fluids and maintenance will continue to be required.

VIDEO: The VVT Phaser And Oil Control Solenoid Connection

Variable Valve Timing or VVT is a technology that has been around for almost 20 years. This video is sponsored by NGK and NTK.

Fight the Engine Effects of Stop-and-Go Traffic

It’s almost summer, also known as orange barrel season in many parts of the United States. Summer 2021 is looking like another construction-heavy season, with states gearing up for thousands of miles in road projects. At the end of March, the Ohio Department of Transportation released its 2021 construction season plans, covering 4,596 miles of

VIDEO: Recommending The Right Lubricant

High-mileage vehicles may be the norm, rather than the exception. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Piston Rings, Oil & Cylinder Bore Surface Finish

The relationship between piston rings and the cylinder bore finish is critical to engine efficiency.

VIDEO: Use OE-Specified Oil With High-Mileage Engines

Not all motor oils meet all high-mileage demands. This video is presented by The Group Training Academy.

Honda Oil System Inspection Procedures

The leading cause of low oil pressure-related complaints with Honda vehicles is the oil level.