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VIDEO: Oil Filters and Soot

Oil additives can help to breakdown, disperse & even encapsulate carbon deposits & soot. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

VIDEO: What ZDDP Is, What It Does and Why It Matters

Today’s engines are more complex than ever – their motor oil often needs help. This video sponsored by Rislone.

LSI Chemical Introduces NanoRestore736

Oil additive removes 98% burnt oil (varnish) in mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils for a clean rating of 98%.

Rislone Oil Additive Improves Engine Performance

Help customers restore horsepower and improve engine performance with an affordable solution.

Understanding Oil Additives: New Engines, New Standards

Have you noticed that it is getting harder to stock oil these days? For some vehicles, the same model may take three different types of oils, depending on the make or engine. The base model may require a 5W-30, while the V6 version may require a 5W-20, and the hybrid version may require a 0W-20.

Hot Shot’s Secret Launches ‘Support Your Local Track’ Initiative

The company announces sponsorship of Pacemakers Dragway Park and awards banquet.