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NGK Roars On The River At Trenton Races

In addition to the championship series, NGK Spark Plugs brought its custom rig to Elizabeth Park. There NGK staff had giveaways and games for show-goers, as well as chances to win premium prizes.

Making Sense Of Modern Emissions Sensors

For over 30 years, vehicles have used at least one oxygen sensor for fuel control, but modern emissions sensors are quite different. The traditional switching oxygen sensor is still common; yet most late-model vehicles are moving toward wide range, air/fuel sensors for primary fuel control.

The #1 Cause of Spark Plug Failure

Many factors can cause a spark plug to fail; from incorrect heat ranges to improper gapping, to chemical contamination.

Leading Causes Of Ignition Coil Failures

It may be surprising to learn that the leading causes of ignition coil failures have nothing to do with the coils themselves. Ignition coil damage is often caused by underlying issues never addressed in engine misfire repairs. Issues like spark plug gapping, leaking valve covers or moisture intrusion.

NGK Receives High Scores For CASE-Certified Training Courses

NGK’s CASE-certified course teaches technicians to diagnose emissions-related repairs more efficiently and accurately. This ultimately prevents comebacks, unhappy customers and high overhead costs for automotive repair shops.

Spark Plug Designs For GDI Systems

To maximize fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions, many vehicle manufacturers are now using gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems to provide the fuel delivery for their engines. Gasoline direct injection places a fuel injector into the combustion chamber to provide a high pressure mist of gasoline which mixes with intake air, providing the air-fuel ratio

Understanding Misfire Codes And Ignition Coils

In a perfect world, a flashing check engine light for DTCs P0301 through P0312 would always be solved by installing a new ignition coil. If this were true, technicians wouldn’t need countless hours of diagnostics training. The reality is that a misfire can be more than a missing spark from an ignition coil.

NGK Spark Plugs Launches NGK Ignition Coils

Adding to its high-quality lineup of ignition parts, NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.) Inc. announced the addition of NGK Ignition Coils to its product offering.

Five Things You Need To Know About Spark Plugs

Anti-seize helps prevent corrosion of spark plug threads. However, not all spark plugs require the use of anti-seize. Some spark plug manufacturers add specialized coatings to their threads, eliminating the need for anti-seize.

Auto Parts Manufacturers Unite To Create ‘SERVICE-EDU’ Advanced Automobile Repair Training Program

Gates, MAHLE, NGK Spark Plugs and Timken have joined forces to offer training on component and system failures and how technicians can properly diagnose and efficiently replace worn parts.