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DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab App Gives Performance Enthusiasts The Sound Experience Of DynoMax Mufflers

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced the launch of its new “Mobile Sound Lab” app, designed to help consumers shopping for a performance muffler to experience each muffler’s unique sound.

Tenneco’s Exclusive Loyalty Program Designed To Serve Undercar Service Market And Help Drive Ride Control, Emissions Control Sales

The Expert Plus service dealer loyalty program from Tenneco – created to help automotive service businesses increase their share of the undercar service market – includes a complete marketing and promotional package for 2014.

Tech Tip: Nissan Rattling/Buzzing Noises in the Exhaust System

If you confirm there is an exhaust rattle/buzzing noise that sounds like it’s coming from the front exhaust tube, follow the procedures provided in this Tech Tip.

Tech Feature: Exhaust Leaks and the Stoichiometric Ratio

When I was a kid, I used to watch my dad, who started out as a diesel mechanic, tune up cars and trucks from time to time. He would turn the adjustment screws on the carburetor until the engine smoothed out and started to purr. Then, after listening closely to the rumbling of the motor, the adjustment screws would get one final tweak. He would always bend down and cup his hand around the belching tail pipe exhaust and take a big sniff of the fumes, and then go back to his adjustments. That was back in the 60s and 70s before PCMs, O2 sensors and catalytic converters.

‘Sound Off’ with Your Favorite DynoMax Cat-Back Systems and Save this Summer

DynoMax Performance Exhaust will offer enthusiasts a chance to save on their DynoMax cat-back exhaust purchase this summer through the “Sound Off” promotion. The “Sound Off” promotion offers $75 mail-in rebate for the purchase of any qualifying cat-back performance system.

Tenneco Adding Nearly 400 New Parts to Walker Exhaust Line

Tenneco Inc. will introduce nearly 400 new parts to its Walker line of replacement exhaust products in 2011 and dramatically expand foreign-nameplate application coverage available through its global Starla exhaust offering.

2010 Walker Emissions Control Catalog Features Hundreds of New Parts for Domestic and Foreign-Nameplate Models

Among the new parts highlighted in the 2010 Walker catalog are more than 50 additional direct-fit Walker Ultra OBD II catalytic converters, dozens of CalCat converters for the California market, 21 manifold converters, 46 additional Quiet-Flow SS stainless steel mufflers, and nearly 80 new pipe SKUs.

Walker ‘Muffler for Life’ Promotion to Reward Professionals for Emissions Control Sales

Automotive repair professionals who install premium Walker and DynoMax emissions control products during April and May will be able to earn prepaid debit cards valued at up to $60 through the Walker “Muffler for Life” promotion from Tenneco Inc.

Tech Tips: Kia Muffler Pipe Drain

This bulletin provides information related to a reported “no-start” condition on some Sportage models after they’re parked overnight in areas where the temperature is below freezing.

Tech Tip: Wave Dynamics for Headers and Pipes

Depending upon the market to which an import shop might be catering, the term “performance exhaust” can have two different meanings. The first market actively seeks out the throaty rumble and chrome-plated look as part of the street-driving scene. The second market installs an exhaust system that produces the most horsepower for a performance application. Sometimes the two markets are identical and sometimes they’re not.

Tech Feature: Servicing Diesels in Your Shop

Is there a diesel in your service bay? Maybe not now, but there definitely will be in your future. You’re going to see trucks as well as SUVs and passenger cars. Mercedes-Benz produced a 3.0L V6 diesel-powered SUV for the 2008 model year and Volkswagen has a Twinturbo 5.0L V10 diesel engine in its Touareg. As the automakers focus on better fuel economy, you might say the diesels are coming again.

Pipe Benders: Just Around the Bend

I like many people, I have a childhood memory of going on car trips that seemed to last forever. Usually about 15 minutes into the trip, I would ask: “Are we there yet?” This question would be delivered with the accompanying whine that only very small children and some wild animals are capable of making.