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Keep Your Hands Free With Mueller-Kueps Uni-Worktable

The Uni-Worktable has 3-inch heavy-duty swivel casters, two of which are locking and two are swivel casters.

Mueller-Kueps LED DUO Lamp

Featuring a rubber coating for comfortable grip and a hook, magnet and flexible handle for easy use.

Mueller-Kueps Twin Bit Kit Includes 60 Total Bits

The kit provides 30 different bit sizes and shapes. Both sides of the bit are the same size, which means you really get 60 bits in total.

Mueller-Kueps Releases Flexible Mini-Magnet

Not only is it small enough to reach into narrow spaces such as glow plug holes, it can also lift up to half a pound.

Mueller-Kueps Introduces Hydraulic Twin/Triple Leg Puller System

The Mueller-Kueps Hydraulic Twin/Triple Leg Puller System is designed to remove all kinds of shaft-fitted parts including bushings, wheels, bearings, gears and pulleys.

Mueller-Kueps Introduces Glow Plug Extraction Kit

The Mueller-Kueps Glow Plug Extraction Kit (600 300) is designed for the extraction of broken glow plug tips in the event of breakage or seizure inside the cylinder head.