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WATCH: Can A Dirty Or Damaged Air Filter Cause Rough Transmission Shifts?

Yes, it can! In this Maintenance Minute, Andrew Markel talks about how and why rough transmission shifts can be caused by the air filter and what some of the likely culprits are. (Brought to you by MAHLE)

VIDEO: What Happens When You Install A Cabin Air Filter Backwards?

In this Maintenance Minute, Andrew Markel talks about the results of installing a cabin air filter backwards, and how installing it properly can save you and your customer lots of headaches later. This video is brought to you by MAHLE.

Video: Three O-Ring Installation Tips

It’s an “O”! It’s a “ring”! It’s three tips for a leak-free O-ring installation by Andrew Markel who discusses the growing importance of the component.

VIDEO: Spark Plug Fouling: The Canary In The Engine Coal Mine

Is it the oil? The gas? Or, the coolant? Spark plugs can be the “canary in the coal mine” for underlying engine issues. Find out 3 things that can foul a spark plug and how to spot the problem with Andrew Markel in this week’s Maintenance Minute!  Sponsored by DENSO.

VIDEO: 3 Tips For A Leak-Free EGR Valve Gasket Installation

Learn how to achieve a leak-free EGR Valve Gasket with 3 simple tips! Watch Andrew Markel in this week’s Maintenance Minute as he stresses cleanliness during the replacement of the gasket. Sponsored by MAHLE.