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Diagnosing Electronically Controlled Thermostats

On these systems, there are two ways the engine management module knows there is a problem.

MAHLE Motorsport Offers Custom Piston Program

All pistons are manufactured in MAHLE’s race centered Motorsport division and held to the highest industry standards.

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces New PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Developed for a 3.480 stroke and 5.700 connecting rod, this kit is available to handle a range of compression ratios.

VIDEO: The Dirty Truth About Clogged Cabin Air Filters

A customer says their heater isn’t working. Could the cabin air filter be the culprit? This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

MAHLE Aftermarket Announces Finalists For ‘Drive With The Original’

The four finalists will travel to the 2019 Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, where one of them will win the grand prize, a custom-built Petty’s Garage Dodge Challenger.

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. ‘7 Reasons’ Promotion Concludes With Reason 7 And A Chance To Win The ‘Recharge’ And ‘Tune-up’ At SEMA 2019 Grand Prize

The concluding tier of the promotion, connected to MAHLE Service Solutions shop and diagnostic equipment, runs from Oct. 14 through Oct. 27.

MAHLE Aftermarket Launches ‘X Marks The Spot’ Heavy Duty Engine Kit Promotion

The MAHLE “X Marks the Spot” promotion runs through January 15, 2020, at the close of Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW).

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces Shelf Stock GT-R 1L Stroker PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

The new shelf stock GT-R PowerPak Plus kit features a lightweight thick slipper skirt style forging manufactured from 2618 aluminum alloy for additional high temp strength.

MAHLE Aftermarket ‘7 Reasons’ Promotion Approaches The Finish Line With The Kick-Off Of The 6th Tier Featuring Gaskets

The sixth tier of the promotion, tied to MAHLE gaskets, will run from Sept. 30 through Oct. 13, 2019.

MAHLE Aftermarket 2019 ‘Drive With The Original’ Technician Promotion Set To Launch

The promotion will feature a custom-built MAHLE Dodge Challenger from Petty’s Garage as the grand prize.

Highland, New York, Technician Named Grand-Prize Winner Of MAHLE ‘Drive With The Original’ Promotion

The grand prize of a resto-mod Petty’s Garage 1968 Camaro RS was awarded on the first day of this year’s AAPEX in Las Vegas.

MAHLE Aftermarket Launches YouTube Video Series Documenting Petty’s Garage MAHLE Mustang Build

The vehicle will be the grand prize in the MAHLE “Drive with the Original” Technician Promotion.