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Cavitation: Killer Of Water Pumps

The condition of the coolant has a direct relationship to cavitation in pumps.

Preventing Head Gasket Replacement Leaks (Video)

Head gasket replacement can be like fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up though, there’s still hope! Sponsored by K-Seal.

CV Axle Diagnostic And Service Tips

When a CV axle fails, it is for a reason. Rarely will an axle fail because it is just worn out. The failure of an axle can usually be traced to torn boot, alignment issue or a problem with components attached to the axle. Axle Alignment If the subframe or mounts are misaligned, the geometry

VIDEO: Is It A Leak Or Normal Residue?

Andrew Markel discusses diagnosing leaks, and how some leaks may actually be residue present under normal conditions. Sponsored by Nissan.

Finding Leaks: The Latest In Leak Detection Equipment

This article reviews some of the current technology available for leak detection, and goes over some useful leak detection procedures. It covers “wet” leaks, which includes fluids that can be seen, or systems that have a liquid carrier for dye, making these a little easier to get a handle on. It also covers “dry” leaks, such as evaporative emission, intake and exhaust leaks. With these systems, there is nothing to drip, and no liquid carrier for any type of dye, so diagnosis can be a little trickier.