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Lang Tools Offers Hybrid Safe Multimeter

This versatile and accurate DMM can make your testing on and off the vehicle faster and more efficient.

Lang Adds New Pry Bars To Existing Line

Each pry bar is made from high carbon alloy steel and is forged and heat treated for strength and durability.

Lang Tools Adds New Pry Bars

Each pry bar is made from high carbon alloy steel and is forged and heat treated for strength and durability.

Knock Out Pins, Rivets with Lang’s Extra-Long Pin Punch Set

Each pin punch is forged from hardened, high carbon molybdenum tool steel that runs completely through to the strike cap.

Lang Tools Introduces 3-Piece Hose Pinch Plier Set

The pliers come in small, medium and large size for all your hose pinch off needs and are designed with a self-locking feature that holds after pressure is applied.

Lang Tools Introduces Light-Duty Diesel Compression Tester

The tester includes adapters to service Cummins, Dodge, Ford, GM, GMC, Hino, Hummer, International, Isuzu, Land Rover, Navistar, Nissan and Sprinter vehicles.

Lang Tools Introduces New Gasket Scrapers

All handles are strike protected with a hard cap, and ergonomically designed for comfort, secure grip and durability.

Lang Tools Introduces Quick Switch Retaining Ring Pliers

These pliers are easy to use on both internal and external rings, and the cushioned gripped handles provide comfort during use.

Lang Tools Offers Self-Locking Offset Pinch Off Pliers

The pliers can be used to seal vacuum lines, fuel lines, radiator hoses and any other flexible materials.

Clean Carbon From Intake Valves With Lang Tools Fuel Injection Cleaner

Lang Tools offers its Fuel Injection Cleaner (TU-470B) with two gauges that enable a technician to check the vehicle fuel pressure with the right-side gauge, and then easily set cleaning pressure with the left-side gauge by referring to vehicle fuel pressure on the right side gauge.

Lang Tools Offers Automotive Wireless Clamp Meter

The Lang Tools CATIV Automotive Wireless Clamp Meter (13810) allows you to use your smart phone or tablet to view measurements wirelessly. The 13810 offers technicians the flexibility to choose from test lead measurements, standard or low amp clamp-on current.

Lang Offers Cylinder Leakage Tester With 2 Gauges

A&E / Lang Tools’ Cylinder Leakage Tester with two gauges measures the ability of an engine cylinder to hold compressed air using shop air pressure, supplementing a compression tester. The kit includes a precision regulator, an M14 standard reach adapter on a 26″ hose assembly and an M14 long reach solid adapter.