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Tech Tip: No Start in Cold Weather Due to No Weep Hole

This condition can be caused by condensation freezing in the muffler assembly.

Prevent Premature Jeep JK Part Wear with Ball Joint Upgrades

Visit any online forum dedicated to the Jeep® Wrangler JK, and you’re likely to find threads focused on solutions for fixing a worn or damaged ball joint. That’s because ambitious off-roading, popular modifications, and the design of the original equipment part can all contribute to ball joint failure in the Jeep JK. Ball joints are

Petty’s Garage To Power RubiTrux With Series of Engines

The off-road leader will be the exclusive provider of Petty’s Garage engine packages for new Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators.

Quadratec Offers Hands On Homeschool

By using the #HandsOnHomeSchool on social, participants will get up to two official Quadratec #HandsOnHomeSchool T-shirts.

2010 Jeep Wrangler: Transmission Stuck In Second Gear

The 2010 Wrangler’s transmission solenoids are powered through its totally integrated power module (TIPM), which is a fuse and relay box with a logic board that controls most body electrical functions.

jeep wrangler transmission stuck
Dodge/Jeep TSB: No A/C Over 50 MPH, Engine Runs Hot

This bulletin involves inspecting the primary thermostat housing for a resin material (debris) blocking the cylinder head coolant port. Models: 2010 Journey, Avenger, Compass, Patriot and Caliber.

Dodge Jeep caliber no ac
MAHLE Original Jeep 4-Liter Head Set Includes OE-Quality MLS Head And Manifold Gaskets

The company says the set (part No. HS5713A) includes all the parts ­- 46 pieces in total – that technicians need to do the job properly.

Jeep Tech Tip: Poor A/C Performance

Some Jeep Liberty and Nitro owners may complain that A/C performance is poor and that the A/C is not cooling enough or fails to keep the passenger compartment cool. This update will provide customers with improved A/C performance.

Jeep AC performance
Random No-code Failures: Jeep Cherokee, Ford Crown Victoria

Random no-code failures can be the most frustrating problems to diagnose because the condition usually cant be duplicated in the shop and the “fix” often cannot be verified by test-driving. In this instance, I use the word “random” to describe a condition that might occur only once in two weeks. Sometimes I’ll find something suspicious

99 Jeep Cherokee no code failure