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Get Ready – Latest Insight On Delayed Maintenance

IMR releases data showing some positive indicators when it comes to vehicle owners making repairs.

IMR: Disruption In Parts Availability Affecting Purchasing

Study shows 84% of shops surveyed have reported a decrease in revenue.

IMR: Disruption Affecting Repair Shop Purchasing Behavior

See what independent repair shops are experiencing.

IMR Inc. Publishes Top Challenges For Shops, Techs

29.2% of shop owners said finding high quality technicians who are reliable and knowledgeable is a challenge.

IMR Insight Now Available: Independent Auto Repair Shops’ Biggest Competitors

IMR asked independent automotive repair shops who they perceive to be their biggest competitors. Their views of their top competitors are very consistent with channel share metrics tracked by IMR.

IMR Insight Report Shows Consumers Are Delaying Vehicle Routine Maintenance

Consumers who own used vehicles, vehicles eight years or older and millennials are significantly more likely than their counterparts to delay routine maintenance.