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Understanding Coolants

All-season coolant used inorganic acid technology and worked great for almost 30 years.

Imports Dominate Autotrader’s Top Electric Vehicles of 2023

To compile this list, Autotrader’s editorial team drove and lived with the 2023 model-year electric cars.

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Dana Expands Victor Reinz Coverage For Import Nameplates

More than 1,000 new Victor Reinz part numbers are added each year.

What is an Import Car?

When I started working on cars in the 1990s, repairing import vehicles was far different than domestics. If you looked under the hood of a Nissan pickup, it might have eight spark plugs for four cylinders. In 1990, Toyota put an engine on its side and placed it under the passenger seat of a minivan. Volkswagen even made a V6 with a single cylinder head.