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EV Opportunities

You are gaining and retaining many service opportunities with Evs.

Toyota Invests Big In Batteries

With an $8 billion investment, Toyota plans for 10 new BEV/PHEV battery lines by 2030.

Selling Underhood Parts for Hybrids

Anything that can happen to an ICE in a standard vehicle can happen in a hybrid.

HV/EV Battery Pack Replacements

It is difficult to say when a battery pack will need to be replaced.

HV/EV Lifting Guidelines

Being able to lift an EV or HEV vehicle properly is a roadblock many shops face.

Dana Recognized As Outstanding Power Electronics Solutions Provider

Dana’s IGBT cooling technology was developed to meet the high-performance thermal requirements of today’s electric and hybrid vehicles.

Ford Adding Electrified F-150, Mustang, Transit By 2020 In Major EV Push

Ford is canceling plans for a new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and investing $700 million in the Flat Rock, Michigan, plant’s expansion, adding 700 jobs to make EVs and autonomous cars.