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Does Work Define Your Life Or Does Your Life Define You?

The Life Calibration system is designed to help you achieve balance in your life. This podcast is sponsored by AAPEX.

CarMD Vehicle Health Index Marks 10 Years Of Reporting

Nationwide and regional rankings educate consumers on common fixes, inform industry for parts forecasting.

VIDEO: Shop Owners Deal With Coronavirus

If your shop is seeing a change in business or is doing anything to prevent the Coronavirus, let us know!

New Year’s Resolution: Stop Smoking In The Shop

I once worked with a tech that the only time he was not smoking was when he was test-driving a customer’s vehicle. He smoked unfiltered Pall Malls, which had a distinctive smell. He was one of the best techs I ever worked with – he had talent and “the touch.”

Bionic Exoskeleton Vest: The Cure For The Aging Technician?

The vest for assembly line workers was a collaboration between Ekso Bionics and Ford. The technology can help to extend the career of technicians by relieving some of the stress and injuries that can come from working on cars.