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Lumileds Discusses Headlight Age And Driver Safety

Though drivers typically recognize the need to have their oil changed and their tires rotated, few may realize the importance of tending to their headlights as well.

Philips Introduces Xenon CrystalVision Ultra HIDs

The crisp, bright white light of Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra HIDs is ideal for drivers who are looking for a higher level of style and performance, says the company.

VIDEO: Headlight Maintenance Opportunities

Andrew Markel discusses headlight service opportunities for the fall and winter seasons, including solutions for lights that are cloudy or dim. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Mercedes-Benz HD Projector Headlights: The Next Headlight Innovation

Mercedes-Benz is working on the latest generation of headlights that could change the way we drive at night. This new technology turns headlights into digital projectors that not only project light, but also images to aid the driver and pedestrians.

GM’s Autronic Eye (1952)

In 1952, GM introduced the Autronic-Eye headlight system that dimmed the high beams when an oncoming vehicle was detected, and then turned them back on when the opposing vehicle passed. The system used a light photosensor mounted in a vacuum tube. The system would then amplify the signal using a tube amplifier so a relay could turn the lights off or on.

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Changing How You Upsell Maintenance Service

We talked with three shop owners about how their shops maximize sales by educating the consumer and refining their in-house processes.

Safety In Numbers: Philips Automotive Explains Why It Pays To Replace Headlight Bulbs In Pairs

Replacing parts in pairs can ensure vehicles are properly balanced and functioning safely. Vehicle lighting plays an integral role in keeping drivers and their passengers safe, and motorists should exercise the same caution regarding their vehicles’ headlights, taillights and turn signals that they do when maintaining the rest of their cars and trucks.

Ultimate Underhood: Death Of Pop-Up Headlights

Where the designers created beauty, the engineering department created pain for technicians who had to fix pop-up headlights. Vacuum-powered servos were always the farthest vacuum-powered components from the engine and were prone to leaks even on new cars. Electric motors would burn out, strip plastic gears or break linkages.

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