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Preventing Head Gasket Replacement Leaks (Video)

Head gasket replacement can be like fighting a losing battle. Don’t give up though, there’s still hope! Sponsored by K-Seal.

Subaru EJ25 Head Gasket Headaches

Properly replacing Subaru EJ25 head gaskets takes patience and quality parts.

Accommodating Head Lift

While head lift occurs on all engines, the rate at which the head(s) lift is specific to engine architecture, operating conditions and the OE manufacturer’s performance/fuel economy requirements.

Head Gaskets And Head Lift

Head lift is not the whole head that is lifting from the block, but is a distortion in specific areas of the head and block interface where the head gasket is installed. This distortion can damage the head gaskets and head bolts.

VIDEO: Symptoms Of A Head Gasket Leak

Andrew Markel discusses common symptoms pointing to a failed or leaking head gasket, and the tools needed to diagnose the issues. Sponsored by Bar’s Leaks.

Podcast: Gasket Technology and Keeping an Engine Leak Free

Gaskets are a part of almost every engine repair. Underhood Service’s Andrew Markel talks with MAHLE gasket expert Ron McCrum about new gasket technology and what technicians need to know when they are servicing head, intake manifold, and other engine gaskets. The hot topic of this podcast is multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets and how

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Head Lift: Look Beyond The Gasket

In the 1980s, many race series were experimenting with turbochargers on stock block and specialty race engines. Huge horsepower and torque numbers could be produced for a short period until the engine self-destructed. What a lot of the engineers and engine builders could not see was at peak cylinder pressures the head was distorting the casting and allowing combustion gases to get in between the head, gasket and block. New technologies like direct injection, variable valve timing and turbocharging are pushing chamber pressures far beyond what they were a decade ago.

Head Gasket FAQs

Replacing a head gasket is a significant investment for the customer. It also represents significant risk for a shop if the replacement gasket fails. To do the job right, you have to ask why the gasket failed in the first place and what it will take to prevent it from happening again.

Mr. Gasket Releases Assortment Of New Products

The products include additions to its line of performance head gaskets and the expansion of its assortment of quality fasteners.

MAHLE Original Jeep 4-Liter Head Set Includes OE-Quality MLS Head And Manifold Gaskets

The company says the set (part No. HS5713A) includes all the parts ­- 46 pieces in total – that technicians need to do the job properly.