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When a car or truck repair is called for, a gasket represents a relatively small expenditure that is nevertheless crucial to the successful outcome of the job. Not only do you want a high-quality gasket for a long-lasting repair, but you also need to be sure that you have exactly the correct gasket for the

Podcast: Gasket Technology and Keeping an Engine Leak Free

Gaskets are a part of almost every engine repair. Underhood Service’s Andrew Markel talks with MAHLE gasket expert Ron McCrum about new gasket technology and what technicians need to know when they are servicing head, intake manifold, and other engine gaskets. The hot topic of this podcast is multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets and how

Underhood Service podcast
VIDEO: Is It A Leak Or Normal Residue?

Andrew Markel discusses diagnosing leaks, and how some leaks may actually be residue present under normal conditions. Sponsored by Nissan.

Elring Presents New Car And Commercial Vehicle Catalogs

The new edition provides a full overview of the entire range of Elring spare parts.

JEGS Introduces LS Cam Change Gasket Kits

JEGS LS Cam Change Gasket Kits consist of all the gaskets and seals necessary to swap cams without having to buy a complete engine overhaul kit.

Head Lift: Look Beyond The Gasket

In the 1980s, many race series were experimenting with turbochargers on stock block and specialty race engines. Huge horsepower and torque numbers could be produced for a short period until the engine self-destructed. What a lot of the engineers and engine builders could not see was at peak cylinder pressures the head was distorting the casting and allowing combustion gases to get in between the head, gasket and block. New technologies like direct injection, variable valve timing and turbocharging are pushing chamber pressures far beyond what they were a decade ago.

MLS Gasket Update

The days of getting away with composition gaskets in extreme combustion situations were back when the deck surfaces on blocks and heads were thick and strong, and the heads were clamped with 5-6 head bolts per cylinder. However, all that changed when car makers became extremely weight conscious for MPG reasons and they started removing material out of blocks and heads.

2018 Fel-Pro Performance Catalog Highlights Nearly 100 New Gaskets And Sets

The 2018 catalog highlights the brand’s expanded offerings of track- and street-proven multi-layered-steel head gaskets, intake manifold sets, high-temperature alloy turbocharger gaskets and other products.

Engine Gasket Guide: Are You Pairing The Gasket With The Correct Sealant And Surface?

There are endless combinations of engines, applications and gaskets on the market. But how do you match the gasket with the correct installation procedures? Here is a quick guide on how to match gaskets with the correct sealants and surface treatments.

Gaskets: Ignoring And Top Off Troubles

Engine oil and coolant leaks should not be ignored. Topping off the levels is often more costly in the long run than repairing the leaking gasket or component. Advising a customer about the potential damage that can occur if they decline a leak repair is not a scare tactic, it is important that they know the real price of their decision.

Non-Invasive Methods To Remove Gaskets And Clean Surfaces

When removing old gaskets, there are two things to avoid. First, you want to avoid any of the material from entering the engine. Second, you do not want to damage the sealing surfaces. On modern engines with aluminum castings, a metal scrapper can do a lot of damage.

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