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VIDEO: Where Have The Fuel Pump Filters Gone?

Andrew Markel discusses how to diagnose a fuel pump, and the importance of replacing the entire module if the pump is failing. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Fuel Pump Codes And Control: Keeping Pressure In The Zone

Since the fuel pump module needs information for various sensors, it usually communicates on a serial data bus. If modules are not communicating, the fuel pump can’t be adequately controlled. The key to investigating these problems is to communicate with different modules to see what data PIDs are present and which ones are missing.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Intermittent Fuel Pressure Issues

Andrew Markel discusses fuel pressure, and the different ways to diagnose issues without using a pressure gauge. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Direct Injection Logic: How The High-Pressure Fuel Pump Solenoid Works

A direct injection fuel pump can’t increase its speed independent of the engine to increase it’s output or pressure, so it has to control the volume of fuel that is compressed. This relationship is what makes direct injection high-pressure fuel pumps a mystery to some technicians and even engineers. But once you understand the relationship between the pump and control solenoid, your diagnostic skills will grow.

Top EVAP Tips When Replacing Fuel Pumps

Nothing is worse that an EVAP code after a fuel pump has been replaced. Discovering that the tank needs to be dropped again to address a problem can kill shop productivity and profitability. Keep reading for tips that can help you avoid comebacks and dropping the tank for a second time.

VIDEO: Diagnosing Fuel System Leaks In GDI Systems

Jason Stahl discusses gasoline direct injection systems, and ways to prevent leaks in the system after a fuel pump or injector have been replaced. Sponsored by Standard.

Pulse-Width Fuel Pump Diagnostics

You will see only one fuel line going to the fuel rail on most late-model vehicles. Instead of using an engine vacuum routed to a pressure regulator under the hood, returnless systems use engine data and vary the speed of the electric pump to meet fuel pressure and volume requirements without having to bleed off and return it to the tank when the engine does not need it.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Voltage; Different Numbers On Different Tools?

Andrew Markel discusses the current used to drive fuel pumps, and how measuring it with a suite of diagnostic tools can determine the component’s health. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Smart Fuel Pump Diagnostics

If you are diagnosing a “cranks but does not run” or a “lean/stumbling under load” complaint, your first instinct might be a problem with the fuel pump. But, how do you assess the condition of the fuel pump without taking it apart?

GM Tech Tip: New Engine Noise During Cold Start-Up

The latest generation of full-size trucks and utilities incorporate a new generation of technologies not previously seen in a GM full-size truck and utility applications. These engines generate noises during cold start and during warm operation that technicians may not be familiar with.

OTC Introduces 4 New Tools To The Fuel Injector And Pump Product Line

The new tools help technicians complete fuel system jobs faster and are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, says the company.

Acura Tech Tip: Chirping From High-Pressure Fuel Pump

With the hood open, listen for a chirping noise with the engine warmed up. If the noise is coming from the high-pressure fuel pump, follow the Repair Procedure in this Tech Tip.