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Lunati Offers Voodoo Crankshafts

The backbone of an engine and the foundation of the bottom end is the crankshaft. Voodoo Crankshafts from Lunati are engineered from 4340 non-twist forged steel that is known for its durability and strength in high-performance applications, said the company.

Red Line Introduces SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner

SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner from Red Line Oil cleans to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment, reducing octane needs, improving fuel delivery and lubricating upper cylinders, said the company.

Dart Machinery Introduces Aluminum ‘LS Next’ Block

One year after revealing its cast iron LS Next engine block, Dart Machinery reduces its mass and announces an aluminum counterpart.

Magnum Performance Gaskets Join Growing MSI Product Lineup

High performance enthusiasts have a new contender for top quality performance gaskets. MSI (MoHigh performance enthusiasts now have a new option for top-quality performance gaskets. MSI (Modern Silicone Technologies Inc.) has introduced a lineup of 80 new retail-packaged Magnum Performance Gasket sets. These cover the most popular Chevy, Ford and Chrysler small block and big block V8s, as well as the GM LS family of engines, which are increasingly chosen for high-performance buildups.

Holley Introduces Gen 3 Ultra Dominator

Holley introduces the Gen 3 Ultra Dominator featuring an all new main body, all new calibrations, high capacity fuel bowls and new larger sizes. They come in a variety of new sizes from 950 CFM, 1350, 1425, all the way up to 1475 CFM.

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces New EFI System

Quick Fuel Technology, known for its innovative carburetors and fuel systems, is introducing QFI – a bolt-on throttle body electronic fuel injection system capable of supporting 500 horsepower.

ATI Offers Super Damper For 2014 Corvette Stingray 6.2L Engine

ATI Performance Products, Inc. introduces its all new Super Damper (Part # 917314) for the 2014+ Corvette Stingray 6.2L, LT1 wet sump engine for street and high performance racing applications.

Improve Performance And Keep Engines Clean With Rislone Gas Treatment

Gasoline can contain many impurities and pick up contaminates on the long journey from the refinery to the corner station. Once it is delivered, it may sit for weeks in old underground storage tanks. For customers who want to make sure the fuel reaching their engines is as pure as possible, recommend new super-concentrated Gas Treatment from Rislone.

CRP Automotive Offers AJUSA Cylinder Head Bolt Kits For European And Asian Vehicles

CRP Automotive offers coverage on Asian and European applications with its AJUSA Cylinder Head Bolt Kit program. The program features an OE-quality line of torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts that come packaged as sets to meet vehicle-specific applications. The sets are provided in a shrink-wrapped cardboard box with assembly lube included.

Gates Releases 181 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

The Gates Corp. has expanded its OE-quality automotive product line with 181 new part numbers covering millions of late-model vehicles. The announcement includes new turbocharger hose kits for Ford applications and small-diameter, textile-covered fuel line hose.