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Porosity Issues And Engine Gaskets

Porosity refers to any void or hole found in a casting. These voids can be caused by gases and contaminates present during the casting process and typically occur near the outer parts or at the top of a casting. Honda, GM, Chrysler and other OEMs have all had issues with the porosity of some castings.

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Magnum Gaskets Now Covers ‘All Three Lives’ Of Powerful V8s

With the recent introduction of the Magnum Performance Gaskets line, the MSI brand now covers “all three lives” of the classic overhead valve V8s from GM, Ford and Chrysler. According to MSI, in the first “life” of these engines, they powered America’s favorite sedans and muscle cars from the ‘50s to the ‘70s. In their

Gasket Guide: Match A Sealant With Every Type of Gasket

Cork/Composite Gaskets Sealants: Cork and composite gaskets can seal a variety of underhood applications from valve covers to carburetors. The type of sealant used with these gaskets depends on a variety of factors. First, you must consider if the gasket needs to remain flexible. Second, you need to consider the temperatures the sealant will have

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Chemical Gasketing: Cleaning the Surface

Service technicians can now use chemical gaskets where OEs had originally used formed-in-place or pre-cut gaskets during vehicle assembly. In addition to complying with OE specs, chemical gaskets are in many instances application specific, which makes their use more effective. Cleaning the Surface Perhaps the single most important step in assuring success with any type

Improving the Head Gaskets, Fasteners Relationship

The relationship between head gaskets and head bolts is an intimate one. The clamping load applied by the head bolts is what allows the head gasket to maintain its seal. For this marriage to last, there has to be constant tension – not too much, otherwise the bolts may stretch or break, and not too

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Gasket Q&A: Removal tips and more

Question: When replacing a gaskets on an engine, do I just scrape or peel off the old gaskets, or do I have to do something else? Answer: Removing gaskets used to be a fairly simple procedure. Most engines used to have cast iron blocks and heads, with iron manifolds and stamped steel covers. Iron castings

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Intake Manifold Gaskets: A Service Rundown

Back in the days when most

Mazda’s SKYACTIV Technology

Mazda has been making big waves in the automotive world with its SKYACTIV technology. Introduced in 2011 in the Japanese market, Mazda’s ultra high-compression, direct injection gasoline engines are achieving fuel economy numbers that rival many hybrids – and at much less cost. These engines include the SKYACTIV-G 1.3L engine in the 2012 Mazda 2, the 2.0L in the 2012 Mazda 3 and 2013 CX-5, and the 2.0L and 2.5L engines in the 2014 Mazda 6 and CX-5.

Head Gasket Q & A

One reason head gaskets fail is because of engine overheating. If the engine gets too hot, the cylinder head can swell to the point where it crushes the head gasket (usually between the cylinders because this is the thinnest point). The extruded material and/or cracked combustion armor then provides a leak path for coolant and/or combustion gases.

Magnum Gaskets By MSI Triples Size Of Product Line

Magnum Gaskets has tripled its product offering to nearly 1,000 SKUs as part of its continued growth initiative. Over the past 12 months, world-class head gaskets, head sets and head bolts have joined Magnum’s line of premium-quality valve cover, oil pan and manifold gaskets at very competitive prices. Magnum’s make and model application coverage also continues to climb with the addition of newer models and specialized vehicles in diesel and high performance markets.

Ford 4.0L V6 Engine – ‘Exploring’ Service Needs

Rated at a rather anemic 210 horsepower, the 4.0L SOHC V6 is not exactly a high output engine. It also has an unusual overhead cam drive setup. Unlike most other OHC V6 and V8 engines that drive both overhead cams directly from the crankshaft with a belt or chain, this engine has an intermediate jackshaft in the middle of the block where a pushrod cam would normally be located.

Magnum Gaskets Launches Two Free Online Training Programs

The Magnum GasketMaster Training Program is tailored to professional technicians. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate of recognition and a black, heavyweight cotton Magnum T-shirt.